Our company is your number one source for professional sharpening services in McCall, Idaho.
If you visit McCall for recreation we can help you with all your sharpening needs. We are close to downtown and turnaround time is very fast. Call for an appointment today. 

We specialize in service to the Culinary Arts, 
Hair Stylists, Sport Knives, and Clothing Designers. Authorized Dealer for G.SAKAI knives, COLD STEEL knives, and ZHEN Premium Knives.
Purchase price includes free sharpening. Call 208-630-4394

     Call us at 208-630-4394
Our Pricing for our SERVICE AREA of  VALLEY COUNTY, IDAHO requires a (4 Item Min.)

Local Travel Charge to: McCall, Idaho requires no travel charge.  It's Free. This includes pickup/drop-off of your knives, scissors, etc. (Curbside Service)

There is usually a 2 hour turn-around time for pick-up and drop off service. Local residents love this service, as it is fast and efficient and the work is world-class. Your culinary blades are better than new. Also, your knives and scissors return clean and washed.

208-630-4394. OUT of AREA (see below)

For out of area residents we can sharpen 6 knives
in about 10 min. per knife. So, turn around is very
fast! You may drop off your cutlery/scissors while you are skiing, fishing or shopping in McCall and pick up them in and hour or later in the day. This service includes Ada, Valley, Adams and Washington County's as well.

"This isn't a service you look for until you relize you can't cut a tomato with your kitchen cutlery. Wayne took great care of our kitchen cutlery, scissors, and even a Marine Corps K-Bar knife."

Meg S.

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  McCall Cutlery
Professional Sharpening Services
McCall Cutlery consistently produces an extremely sharp edge on your knives, tools and scissors, however it is the responsibility of the operator to use them in a safe and prudent manner. Always be careful with a newly sharpened edge.